Truck and Trailer Modifications and Fabrications

At All Type Diesel Services, we love working with our customers to complete awesome customised modifications and fabrications to trucks and trailers. Over the years we’ve has the opportunity to work on some really awesome projects, from fully transforming the body of a truck through to extending/stretching a camper van to add additional living space. We have a team of qualified and innovative mechanics as well as a fully equipped workshop available to complete all modification and fabrication projects.

All of the modifications that we do are completed to Australian standards to ensure that they are compliant with all required regulations. Some of the more common modifications that we complete include exhausts, alterations to the chassis, putting towbars on trucks or truck and trailer body modifications.

For more information regarding our modifications and fabrication service for trucks and trailers, contact us today on (07) 5443 9399.

The Modification and Fabrication Process

The process for getting a modification and/or fabrication for your truck, trailer or diesel-powered vehicle done varies slightly depending on the scope of the mod being done, but we’ll always start with a consultation. During the consult you’ll tell us exactly what it is that you’re looking at having done, why you want it, how you want it to work and what you want it to look like. We’ll then discuss the different options available to achieve the result you are chasing as well as budget and a rough idea of the timeframe that we can complete the work within.

After the consultation we will organise an estimate for you based on the amount of work required as well as any parts and materials that we’ll need to complete the project. We’ll send the estimate through to you along with a more definite timeframe for the project. If you are happy to move forward with the project, then we’ll start sourcing any required materials and book your vehicle in.

Depending on the size of the project we may get you in for one or more sign-offs part way through to ensure that we’re on-track with what you are envisioning.

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