Logbook Servicing

New cars are issued with logbooks by their manufacturers which detail the required servicing schedule along with any parts that need to be inspected, repaired or replaced and at what intervals. Every make and model of car differs in their requirements but at All Type Diesel Services we’ve seen just about every type of diesel powered car come through our Sunshine Coast workshop and we have become experts at completing logbook services.

We have a team of three qualified diesel mechanics on hand to complete all of the work required and we only use genuine parts and premium oil and filters to ensure that the integrity of your vehicle is maintained and it runs as efficiently as possible.

The process is simple – Drop your vehicle and logbook off at our workshop and we’ll complete the service to the exact specifications required by your logbook. The service normally takes just a couple of hours and when we’re done we’ll sign off on the logbook and you can pick your car up again.

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Logbook Servicing Inclusions:

The specific inclusions for a logbook servicing will vary depending on what make and model you are driving but some of the more common inclusions are as follows:

  • Changing the oil and filter
  • Inspecting the brakes, replacing the brake pads if required
  • Checking the steering
  • Checking all safety elements of the vehicle
  • Checking all electrical elements of the vehicle including lights
  • Testing the battery
  • Inspecting the exhaust

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